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Permachrome 20's on MKS

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I had these put on last week. Loving the look, but even more excited about the durability claims....my polished aluminum were starting the look bad (corrosion around the center caps).



















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Thanks all.


Being able to drive there was great. I drove there, got the new rims (they had a set in stock), and left them my old rims - no having to deal with core deposits or shipping etc. Before I got them, I honestly did not care if they were chrome or polished. I just wanted something durable for MI winters. Now that I have them, I really love the chrome look!!

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And it looks like your MKS matches your home!


Funny, but true. We just had the house resided to this color last summer and I never even thought about it until I drove the MKS home and noticed that they were a darn close match. Several people have commented on exactly that.

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Just checked your photos again' date=' boy those wheels do look great. And it's pretty cool with the house/car matching colors...kinda neat if unintentional coincidence![/quote']


Totally unintentional.... here is another photo when my Tahoe and our Caddy both matched the old color...unintentional as well.



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