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2013 fender vents on a 2010 SHO

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OK guys, the moment of truth for those wondering. YES, the 2013 vents fit the 2010+ SHOs with no issues. I ordered mine last week, they came in today. You want to talk about pulling teeth to get these things. And then getting the part numbers and pricing was even harder.


I just told the parts counter lady to get them no matter the cost and send them to my shop. She had to say that an insurance claim was being filed and to expedite the info. I may end up having them painted to match the car like my old ones were but I do kinda like the chrome on these. Here are the pics, let me know what you guys think.











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Did you put them on yourself? If so how hard was the install?


These are super easy to install.


There is one guide pin located to the rear of each badge. then, along the outer edges, there are simple tabs. Essentially use a plastic putty knife to gently pry it out to remove it.


Simply pop the new one into the opening.......


Here's a few pics for ALL of you to reference if it's of any help:




















If I hadn't have done so much work on my badging having them custom painted and what not, I'd be all over these! :thumb:


Also, seems to me that parts numbers (and pricing) should be pretty simple to post up.....


I mean the part numbers alone are right there on the label applied to the box the new badges came in..... just say'n :nod:

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I'll hold a bunny hostage also and kick him each time the other bunny is punched. You will have this on your soul until prices and numbers are posted. =P


Awww. Poor little bunny. Please provide the part numbers before this little fluffy bunny meets its fate.


On second thought, kill the rodent anyway.

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So I needed to get an oil filter and some coolant (holy cr@p that stuff is expensive from the dealer) so I stopped in and just for fun tried to see if they could pull up the 2013 SHO and find the inserts. The only thing that comes up was still for 2010-2012 and I wasn't about to repeat the obvious effort it took to dig through it all. Part #'s would be fantastic!

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Hang tight guys. I have the boxes/part numbers at home. I can't seem to post pics on this site as I have to go the other SHO forum and then copy and paste them onto here. It's truly a PITA. The price should be over $100 as I paid $84 through my work and my discount. And yes, simply pop out the old ones, pop these in. Turn the steering wheel, undo the push pins in the fender well and slide your arm up there. It is tight in there so don't cut your arm on the fender. Less than 10 minutes and there were in.

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Hang tight guys. I have the boxes/part numbers at home.


I can't seem to post pics on this site as I have to go to the other *** "forum" and then copy and paste them onto here.


It's truly a PITA.



Hhhmmmm....... scratching my head as to your claimed pic posting difficulties :confused:


Your image hosting site appears to be Photobucket, which I, along with many others use here w/o any issues :noidea:


When time permits, shoot me a PM as to what you think may be occurring, and I'll look into it and attempt to fix it myself, or ask ADMIN to do so on your behalf.


We've had a few kinks/bugs/blips here and there, but this is the 1st I'm hearing of this type of problem.

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Yup, here is the part number as previously posted. They JUST became available last Friday. Don't them tell ya they aren't available, I have proof they are. The first 15 pieces were going to GA but I got 2 intercepted to me in VA. So there are 13 other pieces out there. Tell the parts dept people to dig deeper. It did take mine some time but she had to find numbers and then contact the distributor for pricing. The hard part I have already got for us so now it should be easy.





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