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My name's Chase and I'm an imposter here. >:D


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So, my first car was a 1999 cougar I picked up when I turned 18. Then the new Taurus came out and I just remember being obsessed with the front LED bars. I thought they were so awesome and I just had to have one. Well, couple grand in the hole and now 21, I own a 2010 Limited Taurus. I know this is an ECOBOOST forum but the community wasn't as active on some of the other taurus forums.. and I certainly didn't see many people going the route I was. I picked my limited up brand new march 23'rd (my birthday) of 2011 and a little over a year later it's got 40k on it. Anyways going to share some pics I snagged of my ride and others with you guys, here you go, BE EASY. lmao




Me and my girlfriend decided to go eat at a local chinese restaurant and when I came out another taurus owner had parked the same way I had. I guess that old saying birds of a feather flock together is somewhat true haha.




This was done using Duplicolor shadow chrome black out kit for rims. Honestly it went on great, I did an excellent job clear coating it but after a few months it was chipping so I had to strip it off. They were black but still chrome but for some reason the flash gave it a chameleon effect almost.




And of course, what's currently on my wheels now. Plastidip :)




This was when I Had my tails tinted way too dark.. Eventually I came across that one Sheriff who wasn't impressed with my cars look over safety.




Another shot of my tails. I flipflopped between plastidip and chrome a lot while trying to decide which I liked more. I guess that's the good part about it.




Tinted headlights, and blacked out the 3 chrome bars on the front grille + the ford emblem. The entire chrome bar on the back trunk lid is also blacked out but I dont have any pictures of that right now.




I actually just did these today (5/12) and they came out great.




I'm also guilty of blacking these out as well..




Here soon I'm going to do the chrome trim around the windows and tail lights.I'm really not too fond on chrome and I just feel like there was completely too much on the taurus. But, that's just my opinion. As for any mods I hope to do in the near future, definitely some H&R's, I'm not going to go for new wheels because I love the way the limited wheels look blacked out. Anyways, thanks for reading this far, hopefully when I get into the crazier stuff with our cars, the fact that I'm not boosted wont be the reason I'm not welcome here. :P

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