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Cleaning suede seats

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Ok so I gave a friend a ride the other day and he spilled some sticky crap on my seat. We are no longer friends. ;) Anyone know the best way to get stains out? Thanks.


So... it was your fault..... you scared the s....t out of him!!!!


Sorry... I don't have any idea on how to clean them, other than to ask a dry cleaner about it.

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Well, it's listed as a synthetic, faux suede so I would think that you could use any leather or vinyl cleaner. Wife dropped some blood from a cut on her finger and I wiped it up with a wet cloth. Vacuumed it afterwards.


Lexol is a good product. Buy their cleaner and conditioner and condition the leather after you clean the "suede".

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Not sure if you figured anything out, but I recently cleaned my entire seats and was very happy with how things went. I used Woolite in a 6:1 Water/Woolite mix and lightly scrubbed the Miko-Suede inserts with a soft cloth. I followed by wiping them with a dry cloth and then blotting them to get rid of any excess moisture. I did this on every seat just to freshen them up (I have OCD when it comes to cleaning cars) and they came out looking great. There were a few "spots" on the seats from when i recently bought it (water spots or something) and they are all gone. For worse stains you can just get a little more aggressive with you scrubbing, careful not to wear through the material and you could even go to a 5:1 mix, although i don't think it would be necessary.


The material our seats is made of is a synthetic fiber (recycled plastic bottles I believe) and should theoretically be cleanable by most upholstery cleaners so if the stain is bad enough you could try something more aggressive, but I had no real staining, i was just using something mild to get rid of surface dirt and to freshen them up basically. After they completely dried, I followed up by spraying them down with 303 High Tech Fabric Guard which is similar to 3M's Scotchguard. I've heard great things about it and am excited to see how it holds up to water staining, etc.


Not that it pertains to your question, but I also used Lexol Leather Cleaner and Lexol Leather Conditioner, which I had never used before, and I am very happy with how soft the leather is. I had a King Ranch F-150 before this and i used Leather CPR for that since it was untreated leather so it's a bit of a change going back to a coated leather(had in a mustang years ago). I have heard Leather Masters is very good also and Leatherique is supposedly unbeatable, but it is not as readily available and you need to let it sit in the sun for something like 6 hours after applying it for it to work properly which i wasn't wanting to do at this time...another day, perhaps :P

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