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Motor Trend 2013 SHO review

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Great review on the 2013 Sports Package. I was planning on keeping my 2011 but this kind of review is making it very difficult for me. In a way I like SOME of the chrome on the front facia that adds to the Taurus' distinguished/luxury/sleeper look but the latest performance enhancements in the cooling and braking department is really compelling me look to the latest SHO. I wonder how much longer it will take for Rick or Torrie to decrypt the 2013?


Darn it!! Decisions...decisions

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Brother sent me the link a couple days ago and was impressed with the latest writeup.

I'd love to upgrade to the '13 with performance package tho I'm not so sure I'd like to pay the diff to get it.


I'm happy with the '11 -- tho it seems the '13 is a definite upgrade in the braking and cooling departments.


Now that I've had the non performance package for a year that allows me to have the intelligent cruise I'm not sure I'd give it up now. I really like the IC.

I do like the idea of upgraded braking and cooling tho I'm not sure I'd benefit much from it with my style of driving.



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