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No, wish I did. Is 93 not common over there? If so you just shot my whole plan up..... You guys have a track day this Sunday at Cordova Dragway $20 to race free to watch. I had planned on taking fuel level down to 1/2 tank, so I would have a 1/4 or less when I got to the quad cities. I guess I can take my tuner and go back to stock if I need to.


If your free Sunday you should come! I have another SHO in my building I am trying to talk into it. Also a buddy going is trying to talk another local SHO into going. Sorry for getting off top :)

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I think they sell race fuel at the strip.


I think your right but it is 104 I believe. If I set it up right I will still have a 1/4 tank when I get there so I should be able to find 93, if not I will bring my tuner with me. Wish I lived closer to it...... Closest track is an 1/8 and even it is 50+ miles from me.

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