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A big thanks to Mike for suggesting this site, I knew there had to be something better out there!


I have a 2011, ingot silver with the pp, bone stock for now. Love the car, glad I insisted on getting the pp, definately gives it more of a "spirited" driving feel; and the air conditioned seats are the fo-shizzle! I have 9k miles on the car right now, only think I don't like is the mpg; but the good news is it gets the same mpg no matter how I drive it, which is about 21.5 -22; and I'm running 91 octane.


While I'm not a gearhead, my next step is to figure out how to get some more hp out of this car, thus first mod I'm thinking of tune; then I would like to "level" the car out. From what I've read so far Livenois seems to be the way to go.

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:welcome: Glad to have you join us and you'll be glad you're here. Hopefully you will gain a lot of useful info from the people here. I agree a tune is the best and easier performance improvement you can make. Either Livernois or Torrie at Unleashed Tuning do a great job. I have the Livernois tune and can't even imagine the car in it's stock configuration. Hope you enjoy your time here. Again, welcome. Almost forgot, most of us have also sprung for the Airaid Cold Air Intake, we love it...David at Airaid is extremely helpful here and with the intake questions. Plus it really is a great improvement of the stock intake, both in looks and performance.

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In an official capacity Bob.... welcome aboard :welcome:


A good handful of us late model owners have defected from other communities and now are gathered here, so you'll find yourself in great company.


The membership here, the Supporting Vendors, and the involvement / contributions from everyone across the board, now matter how small, or large, have made this place to be a great place to be associated with.


Enjoy all the info posted already, a few pics of your whip when you can, and be sure to keep the community posted as your mod list expands.


P.S. I got your PM btw, i'll reply when I can as I am working this entire weekend and were super busy last night. I can't imagine the next 2 nights will be any easier.


Thanks for heeding my suggestions to join here. Do some recruiting of your own as we enjoy new members and doing so will help us grow even more :thumb:


Mike :wave:


Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2

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