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Model friend needs your help!


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One my female friends who is a professional model, singer, body builder, etc. sent me a link yesterday asking for help in voting for a contest she's entered in.


It is for MAXIM Magazine & she is going for the title of "Hometown Hottie".


She's a very hard worker, genuine to the core, & just an overall very kind person. She deserves the accolades and we would both appreciate ALL of your help in voting, as well as passing along the link to other friends y'all may know.


Thanks in advance and i'll post a few pics of her having modeled my Charger a lil bit later.


Here's the link: http://Http://www.maxim.com/hometown-hotties/lariyah-franklin-park-il-3


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Yea, like I said, she's genuine to the core and just an all around great person.


Here's a few pics of when she modeled my Charger at a couple of big shows here in the Chi-Town area back in 2008....







As well as a few friends she brought along with her.....






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You guys like her pictures....


Geezuz, check out just one of her bands latest music videos.


This girl's hard core let me assure you....






I actually liked it a lot... The girls and the music... lol I use to listen to metal when I was in highschool, and their style is pure metal of '90s.

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Mike' date=' is that you at the beginning roughin' up the perp?[/b']


Ha! Umm hell no....


Maybe if/when I was a rookie.


I'm much better looking then the wanna be po po in that video..... and perhaps just a lil more buff tyvm.



Me to Lariyah's right..... my pal from Team Shockwave who owned the other (all black) Charger that entered this show with me.....






And another of just me and her.....






Altered Photo of Team Shockwave, Lariyah's on my lap.....




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