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My First SHO!


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Hello to everyone,


Just a little post to introduce myself. I have a 2011 Taurus SHO and I am loving it. I found this site while looking for the fender vents. Lots of great information here.


I went out of town for work for a week, and when I got back my husband picked me up. He had the windows tinted for me and they look great. That's my only "mod" so far.


This is my first Taurus and first SHO, so I'm kinda new to this "forum" thing. Seems like a great group of people here and I look forward to posting as I upgrade.


Have a great day :)

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Welcome! This is THE best new gen SHO site on the net.


I'll second that :thumb:


Honestly, it's all of the members here that have developed this community into the great place it has become. Not too shabby considering it's almost 6mo.'s old!


PeepSHO.... in an official capacity, welcome aboard :welcome:


We look forward to your contributions, and involvement here!


Pictures would be nice, as well as updates as your mod list expands.


Enjoy :yo:


Mike :wave:

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