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Looking to add a Flex in the driveway


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Beside my SHO, I have another Taurus... a Taurus X Ltd, fully equipped (including Navi and DVD), but not AWD. My Ford vendor told me that he would have a Flex Limited coming next week and that he could take my other X and change it for the Flex for the same monthly payments... but for another 6 years instead of the 4 remaining on the X. I love cars and love to shop them as well... My wife doesn't like the shape of the Flex that much and me, quite honestly I like it ok, not more... But when it is well arranged (and for sure if it had the Ecoboost), I like it better... For example, the Titanium version I like a lot... but it only comes in more recent years and it is out of budget... I am looking at a 2009-2010 with around 30-40K miles fully equipped with AWD. The retail price here in Quebec is around 20K-25K... I saw 2010 Ecoboost Flex around 29K$... very tempting, but at one point, I need to be reasonable... because I am not with my SHO lol... Just for fun, how much are the used Flex in the states?




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Finally, I replaced my Taurus X Ltd 2008 for a Flex Limited 2009. Black on black (but I want to have the roof painted in silver). AWD, Navi, 2 x DVD, back up camera, Sync (bluetooth), Vista roof, ambiant light, 19'' chromed wmags, heating leather seats, tinted windows and fogs... The ecoboost was a bit too pricey for my budget (about 10K$ more than the one I got). It has already 65K miles on it, but it is in very well condition and I got an extra warranty of 3yrs/36K miles for peace of mind... I paid 19,400$ plus taxes ( which is about 19K$US at this moment)... not too bad. I went on ford.ca to see how much would be a 2012 Limited Flex equally equipped and the retail price is 50,000$!!! plus taxes! ; ) It is amazing how well it drives and how quiet (especially compared to my SHO with lowered suspension, 20''s and custom exhaust!)... I wonder if Livernois could send a litlle tune for that non-Ecoboost engine... I am also considering to put their Livernois Motorsport decal on the windshield... Black Flex with silver top, a bit of chrome and the decal... sounds good!


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Black with a silver top was our first choice. That dealer trade fell through, so we ended up with Red Candy w/ white top. Probably worked out for the best as the black one had a black interior, which would have been awfully hot in FL, even in the winter.

Still like the Black with silver though!

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