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SHO Entered Into It's 1st Official Car Show....

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Well, I am venturing back into the realm of the car show scene after an overly long, 3 year hiatus.


I am entering my 2010 (Moderately, to almost Heavily Modified) Taurus SHO into it's very 1st, official, car show event. This event is sponsored by a long time, large media outlet, Chicago Dance/Pop FM Radio Station WBBM. Commonly referred to as 'B96'.


I registered about 2 weeks ago, and have been kind of on the edge as applications (and cars) were being scrutinized by the hosting vendor, and your car essentially had to be "approved" in order to even get into this show to begin with. Well I recv'd email notification the other day, that my car was accepted! :whoo:


The event is being held at Toyota Park (Bridgeview,IL) on June 16th, 2012 from 12 Noon to 5pm.


I am participating with my former car club (Shockwave Customs, Frankfort, IL.) and will be part of THE largest contigent of cars entering under one club banner (50+ cars in our club alone).


I decided to take advantage of a rare day off, where I had absolutely NOTHING to do, and chose to begin detailing the SHO now, so that I won't have so much work to do when it actually comes down to 2, or 3 days before the actual event takes place.


I also figured that I'd bust out the old carpet tiles I used for the '07 Charger and throw them down on the driveway and try and get a feel for whether or not I wanted to use these during the display of the SHO in the show.


I actually think that the contrasting colors of the carpet tiles have some weird effect in making the SHO "pop" or "stand out" more so than if I just like pulled up into my assigned spot and left the car parked atop the worn out pavement of the parking lot.


I liked using carpet tiles for "bigger shows" and this event certainly constitutes one of the "bigger events" as it's being held at a large venue stadium.


I spent about 5 hours on just the engine bay alone today, and merely gave her an exterior bath and minor/quick interior detail.


I also chose (since my engine hood vents have been completed) to bust out the crappy digi-cam I have, to snap off a few "pre-show" pics for some input from fellow members as far as "yea" or "nay" on the carpet tiles.


Mind you, although my staggered set of Matte Black TSW Nurburgring after-market wheels have been ordered (and will be installed in time for this event) the pics below obviously don't include those here......


But any thoughts? Comments? How's the car look for the most part?



Here's the flyer for the event itself:





A few "PRE-SHOW" pics to feast upon:


























I'll also be placing my Official Ford Build Sheet somewhere in the engine bay for addt'l eye candy / fluff:







Hopefully I can garner some type of award for either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place trophy for the "Best Ford" category, although admittedly, I still have so much more to do.


Interior, Audio, Lighting, etc.


I'm sure the competition will be incredibly tough, but I think where I may hold the advantage is that there aren't a lot of SHO's out there to begin with, not to mention one's that are modded, and even with that being said, I have a good handful of mods that are "one-off" or I'm the 1st through 3rd to have done said mod.


Comments, as well as well wishes for a great event (and great weather the day of the event) are much appreciated.


Thanks to all :thumb:


Mike :yo:

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I agree the tiles really make the car stand out...kinda glad you didn't get rid of them? The white of the car really looks great against the color of the tiles. As far as detailing, what products are you using? If you haven't discovered Adam's Polishes, you don't know what you are missing. These are not inexpensive, but they are, by far, the best products for the price I have ever used. Also the guy that owns the company is a great guy, Adam Pitale. All his products come with 110% money back guarantee but once you use them you won't want anything else. One more question, are you doing your detailing by hand or using a PC or Flex? I am not trying to push Adam's but if we ever do get together, I would love to give you all the stuff you need to detail you car with Adam's...I really like it that much. Not trying to pry, but this stuff is super easy to apply and remove and the final finish is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I have worked with Adam at a couple of Carlisle shows and using is believing even my wife, who never notices a detail, remarked that she could have driven the Explorer from the reflection in the hood! Anyway, good luck at the show, I'm thinking you will do fine. Actually, I would love to help you detail your car if we ever get to meet up...

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BTW' date=' just noticed the decal on the rear window, don't think I've seen that before, do you have a better picture? It looks pretty cool![/b']


Thanks for the kind words Mark.


I have never used ADAM's, but you provide a compelling arguement for me to at least give them a try.


I have always exclusively used MEGUIAR's line of products. Car wasn't waxed in these pics. I'll do that crap like 2 or 3 days beofre the show itself. With 2 weeks out, I wanted to at least get a start (on the detailing) by doing the engine bay first (which hasn't been done since last fall).


As far as the rear windshield decal goes..... that's another "one-off" (at least for now).


It is representative of the local SHO club here in Chi-Town, affectionately titled "SHOCAGO".


I reached out to the elder members about 8 months ago and requested artwork to hand over to my Sergeant (who also races and builds cars). He owns his own sign shop outside of his LEO gig, and he was gracious enough to make me one, yes just ONE, decal to my size specifications etc. to not only represent my local SHO club, but also cuz I just kind dug the incorporation of the City of Chicago's skyline within it's logo.


It is pretty cool admittedly. Per your request, here's a better shot of it:




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That's really great looking! It's nice to have someone who can do great quality artwork. I worked with an officer that actually did the artwork for our patches...he does outstanding work and it was pretty neat to wear a patch that you actually knew the person that did the work.

As far as Meguiar's, it was all I used, but once I started with Adam's I would throw stones at Meguiar's, the Adam's goes on easier and comes off easier. But I'm kinda anal when it comes to detailing...I do a 2 bucket wash, clay bar, paint cleaner, swirl remover, polish, sealant, glaze, and finally wax...so I understand how consuming taking care of a car can get. If you would like to try any of Adam's stuff, PM me, I think I can arrange something for you.

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You have a very nice looking car there Mike! You made me laugh when you said you still had much more to do... I think my wife would kill me if at the point you are in terms of mods with your car I would say that lol! I am confident that your car will deserve a trophy as it is very well modded, well balanced in terms of performance and aesthetic mods, you are respecting your theme very well and also, you will stand out among other cars... I bet there won't be another SHO out there, so that gives you an edge. If ever you come out empty handed, no worries, that means that the other cars must be incredibly beautiful. But know that you have as many fans considering your car as the Beauty Queen of all as there are members within this forum.


Congrats and good luck my friend!



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I've tossed the idea around (of a grille emblem) but truthfully, just not feel'n it.....


There's so much SHO verbage elsewhere that I'm dig'n the clean look of the grille, keeps people wondering wth it is that's coming up in their rear view mirror.....


Ha! :D


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I too like the carpet tiles underneath, even considering your driveway is uniform in color and not "worn out." This is the first thread I've seen with the finished hood vents, top side and bottom side, and it appears they did a nice job finishing them out on the underside. If only Ford was still putting the SHO logo on the hood insulation....


Like mentioned above, I used to believe in Meguiar's products, but I too have moved on. I've never tried the Adams products, but instead I swear by Collinite. I enjoy detailing my car, but I'm doing it for my personal satisfaction rather than for car shows. The Collinite applies easy, buffs off easily, leave a very slick surface, and beads water like nothing else I've seen for several months. I also appreciate that the Collinite 845 does not discolor the textured plastic trim if I screw up and accidentally get some on the trim.


Under the hood I use 303 Aerospace protectant. That makes the engine compartment look showroom new without corroding the aluminum parts. One application also lasts a long time and it does a nice job of repelling dust.



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Rod, I do like 303 stuff, but when I first had some concerns with Adam's products, the owner, Adam, contacted me personally and offered to buy back anything I didn't like and would also cover the shipping to return it...needless to say, that made a heck of an impression on me. So when I had the chance to meet Adam, I did, and ended up working with him at a few shows...and it's hard not to us products that work great and it's always nice to be able to support someone who you consider a friend, so my loyalty is to Adam and Adam's Polishes...and mainly because the work great, and it's just a nice plus that the owner is a great guy and really offers great customer service.

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Bwahahaha..... EBB you big clown you!


Why yes my sweet lil Bob-A-Rina, I have thought about wheels!


And the exact ones you mentioned! Gasp! Egads! Oh how did you know?


I may change your profile name to Dionne Warwick you psychic beast you!


Wheels are due in Wednesday. Gonna bring the tires over earlier that day, but won't have time to install until Thursday.


So by the end of the week!


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Beautiful car Mike, she is definitly a head turner. I am sure you will get the recognition which you are so deserving of. Your work on your car has inspired so many and myself to copy, has hands down has the most one of mods of any other gen 4 around. And I am proud to say I have created one of the and have had a hand in others. Best of luck to you my friend, I think of no one more deserving. But I think its safe to say there won't be another SHO there that can compare. And recognition of you will be a win for all of us the more the after market see of these cars and there is market out for guys that want to mod there cars will hopefully bring more goodies our way.

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Beautiful car Mike, she is definitely a head turner.


I am sure you will get the recognition which you are so deserving of. Your work on your car has inspired so many and myself to copy, and hands down has THE most "One off" mods of any other Gen 4 around.


I am proud to say I have created one of them, and have had a hand in others. Best of luck to you my friend, I think of no one more deserving.


But I think its safe to say there won't be another SHO there that can compare, and recognition of you will be a win for all of us!


The more the after market sees of these cars, and that the market is out there for guys that want to mod their SHO's, will hopefully bring more goodies our way.


Thanks Chris.


You've definitely had a big hand in not only the gauge pod, but umm, err.... "other" mods as well *wink *wink :eyebrows:


I greatly appreciate your involvement and am equally as exicted to hopefully showcase our line of cars and cause more interest from the after-market world accordingly,


Suffice it to say, i can almost guarantee there won't be another SHO (of any Generation) there.... and in the rare event I'm wrong, certainly won't be modded like mine tyvm :hail:

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