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Hey guys, first does anyone know if we can order the parts from the 2013 SHO to install on our 2010-11 models, ie bigger rotors better calipers etc.


I know the 2013 has torque vectoring, is this just a upgrade to the exsisting ECU files(can we get this for our 2010-12) or is this new equipemnts. I am inrested in these 2 features, for the rest of the 2013 I am not very fond of it specially the wheels and I like the sleeper look and only other thing I miss is the updated gauges and sync.

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IDK about the 'Torque Vectoring' and/or the ECU files being transferable to previous model years.


I did have personal discussions with fellow EBOF member 'Taurus Builder' (Greg) when he was working in Chicago at the Ford Assembly Plant building the new 2013 Taurus's and he specifically said that the redesigned 2013 brakes would NOT be able to be retro-fitted onto prior model years.


When I pressed him further, he said that in theory it's doable, but the work involved is EXTENSIVE. So much so that it is / would be, cost prohibitive at that point and '10-'12 owners would be better served by rolling with an after market brake kit upgrade such as the kits offered by EBOF Supporting Vendor TCE.


Certainly not the answer you're probably looking for, but I know this has been previously discussed at length in other venues, as well as in the background of this community.

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2013 brakes on a 2010-12....probably better off trading your car towards a 2013, it's that extensive! Or, buying an aftermarket kit...


Torque Vectoring - Stability control in turns for AWD vehicles.


Some article I found on Google below:


"Torque vectoring is achieved by using redesigned differentials that can distribute power to the wheel or wheels that have traction. That means that wheels don't need to be stopped, and even better, you won't suffer from a sudden loss of power as you're negotiating an unexpected loss in traction.


'Copy and paste' in the new PCM's for Ford is not that simple considering other parameters involved with the redesign.

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I have done a little research into part changes on the 13 brakes' date=' while it is extensive. I still believe it could be done for far less then $2800. I still believe this subject is worth investigating deeper.[/quote']


The Wilwood system I have on my car would be less than that and offer better performance.

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Some cars use different "Differentials" (I believe Acura does with their SH-AWD system) to achieve the transfer of Torque from one wheel to another - typically the wheel with more traction - however (and I'm not 100% sure) I believe what Ford does is simply detect a wheel spinning at a different rate in a corner and apply slight brake pressure to that wheel. That has the effect of tranferring the Torque to the other wheel that isn't spinning. It's kind of a less than ideal way to accomplish "Torque Vectoring" but it sounds like it would at least work. I actually believe it "could" be just a software upgrade but the PCM's are obviously different (or there would be tunes already) so it's possible that they need a "bigger" PCM (i.e. more RAM or CPU) to handle the processing power to do this in real time than the 10-12 PCM is capable of. Just guessing though...!

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