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Engine Surges

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Good Day to all. I am not sure if this is the correct topic section for my issue. I have a 2012 MKS AWD EB and have visited the service department multiple times because of what feels like surges in power or perhaps loss of power. The dealer has performed just about all TSB available. This includes multiple resets and re-flashes of the onboard computer. If I expand a little more sometimes it feels as if the transmission is slipping. Typically I experience this when the car is al warmed up and has run for a while. When I stop at a traffic light and I am ready go, I press the gas pedal “toe in” not full press and the car start running but as soon I pass the 2000 rpm is tall surging, think of it as a non lineal acceleration. Other times what I feel is as if the car has shifted to fast and is struggling like flooded. The biggest problem is that it is not doing it all the time. Any advice would be appreciated. If I can clarify more will do too.


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2010 MKS eco here. When car is hot, I sometimes also feel that very slow acceleration/deceleration (ie. stop and go traffic on the highway) is not linear. It feels a little "jumpy". Not nearly to the extent you described though.


And welcome to the Eco forum! Glad to have another MKS here!

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Here's the link to the thread that mjhpadi is referring to -----> http://www.ecoboostownerforums.com/showthread.php?312-Wow!-Car-woke-up!&highlight=chaffed+wires


This may be the solution to your issue, not entirely sure. Read through the thread. Perform your own inspections, and/or consult with your Servicing Dealer and advise them of this.


Good luck, welcome to EBOF :welcome:


Be sure to post an intro thread so others can acknowledge your membership here as well.


You've joined a great community :thumb:


Mike :yo:

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