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2010 sho body kit/skirt kit

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hey guys, just wondering if anyone has found a body kit for this car and what site and how did it fit and work out? i see one on razzi.com and carid has one but there saying that there not sure if it will fit the sho only the limited taurus but they just dont seem to know if it fits and they said no one has bought any, any feedback on a bodykit and putting a hood or a spoiler on the 2010 please let me know and is greatly appreciated, thanks guys



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This does seem to be my area of "expertise" as fellow EBOF Member EBB so eloquently states it.


Razzi does make a kit. Pricey though. I only purchased the lower front chin spoiler and that was a major PITA to install.


Fitment was ok, but it took a LOT of work on my end (and my body shop friends) in order to get it to fit better.


There should be no difference between the various trim levels as far as their claim that it might not fit the SHO.


The reason they're stipulating that now is due to me tyvm.


I, and my body shop friends were on the phone with them quite a bit, attempting to obtain install info.


Which they had none. They weren't helpful at all. They have a crappy pic of a Silver car depicting what they are calling "their" product, but yet no install instructions, or customer service to back up what they are selling.


Either way, for me, the draw was enough (at least for the lower front chin spoiler) to pull the trigger on it.


I had no interest in the remainder of their kit. Don't like, and umm yea.....


CariD has a few things, but then again, they were initially listing a lot of their stuff under the Lincoln branding and were not displaying jack-diddly-do for the late model Taurus.


I made repeated suggestions to CariD staff advising them that they would see increased sales if they started cross referencing some of their stuff from the Lincoln banner, over to the Ford Taurus banner (all trim levels).


Maybe that's changed since I last visited their site. :noidea:


So not sure what else you're looking to know. Feel free to ask, I'll do my best to answer amongst handling all of the other stuff I'm managing on a daily basis :juggle:

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ok hello,

first off wanna say whats up my name is anthony and if easier or needed to explain and help me just call me 845 721 9858. so im tryin to understand what you have and your saying, so you bought the full kit from razzi right? and what parts do fit and dont fit, i was told that the front bumper and 2 side skirts will fit with almost to very lil problems, then they said the back bumper is gonna be the issue cause its made for 1 exhaust not dual, so i asked if that the only thing cause if so a body shop shouldnt have a big problem cutting out a exhaust hole that he can copy from the other side, so please correct me in anyway im saying something wrong or if i was missinformed and is wrong, ,..................... i just want a simple small body/skirt kit so if you have one on please help me out with where u went and who ,where ,what i need to do to make mine work lol, thanks so much for your help, and i dont know y there making this such a difficult issur for the sho to ahve a body kit, u can email me or text me or call me whenever, just leave ur name and return number if i dont pic up and this is my main thing i wanna do for my car, also did u do any hood or spoiler work? if so im looking for a lil bit of work on that also, but first the body kit, thanks


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Anthony, you may want to check out this thread as well as others to see what mods BPD has made. Don't be afraid to explore this forum and click on links to see what mods others have done.


I believe what he was stating in the post above is that he ONLY purchased the front chin spoiler as he was not interested in the rest of the body kit. I don't think he made any attempt to fit any of the other pieces.



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Thanks Sho Rod......


You are correct. I ONLY purchased the lower front chin spoiler. I was NEVER interested in the remainder of the kit.




Therefore, I, and really no one else, can offer you (Anthony) any hints, or clues as to fitment, finish, etc.




The fact is Anthony, just like some of the older Generation SHO owners experienced, there is not a whole lot of after market available for the SHO's.


It's not like you can just post up asking where to buy this, or where to buy that......


95% of the time, the stuff you're seeking won't exist.


Which is the great thing about being a member here on EBOF..... we all kind of help each other out and post what info is available about products, etc.


In some cases, we even have some members here, who have gone the extra mile of actually hand producing custom, limited production things the (gauge pod comes to mind off hand).




If you have money to throw around, I would suggest contacting a company that specializes in producing after market body kits.


Contact them, tell them what vehicle you own, and what type of body kit you are envisioning, and ask what costs are involved in producing it.


Also tell them that you are part of this forum, and that potentially there may be other customers interested in purchasing their kits (if they were to produce them).


After reading all of your posts, it seems like you are itching to do (and buy) an awful lot of stuff, and all at once.




Which implies to me (and others who read all of your posts) that you have excess money to spend.


Put it to good use by coming up with a new product for the rest of the community to purchase.


That's pretty much what a lot of us here have done.




Again, that's because the after market just isn't there yet as far as embracing the newer Generation SHO's (2010 and up).




I don't mean to be so blunt, but rather motivational. You have to understand that besides me, there's really no one else that's done a lot of body mods.




There's a reason for that. Cuz it takes a LOT of work.




Once you get a company interested, I would suggest returning here and creating a "feeler" type of thread to see who may be interested in w/e body kit you may convince a company to produce.


Perhaps you can even step up and be responsible for over seeing a "Group Buy" type of thing :noidea:




The only companies that I am aware that are currently producing anything are:


Razzi Corporation and

RKSport (which is sold through CariD).




There aren't anymore answers to provide you beyond that. Sorry.


Good luck in your efforts, and keep us posted if you are able to begin some dialogue with a company to produce a kit that you may be desiring and/or envisioning.




This is custom work. As such, you'll have to be the inspiration unfortunately to convince those with the right equipment and know how, to produce it for you (and all of us).


Ciao :wave:


Mike :yo:

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