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I will NOT be racing my boss anytime soon.... YIKES!


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So one of the Sergeant's who works on the same night shift as I, brought out his Top Fuel Funny Car for the 1st time this season.


He's spent the better part of the Winter and Spring rebuilding by hand, an entirely new motor.


We got together collectively as a shift, and we all took team photos around this car.


I managed to snap off a couple of pics of the car by itself and minus all of us clowns.....


But I thought y'all like to see where I derive some of my inspiration from.


Car weighed in just under 1800lbs and this new motor is putting down just less than 1600whp.


He's taking it to the track next weekend for the 1st time (with this motor) and is hoping to do better than his last build (which saw low 8's, and trapped in the 160+ MPH range).


So needless to say, as much as all of my co-workers were making fun of me and egging me on for being the weekend gear head that I am, suffice it to say.....











Notice the reference to the "Knight Shift" along the side of the car?


Apparently he got into a tussy w/ the Village Attorney's about having placed the town's name on the side, so they made him remove it..... lame.

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