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Dyno report (graph) of a Flex with Livernois Stage 4+ or Torrie's boosted tune?

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Think Scrming has posted them before, as well as a comparison with his Methanol 4+ dyno tune. Perhaps you can PM him, or maybe do a search. Would guess they were from Late March- Early April time. I never did any dyno pulls with stock or non-methanol tunes, just several versions of Torrie's custom W/M tunes for my Flex based on logging.

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Found it! Thanks Bob for making me use the search button, and thanks Scrming to posting this yesterday (I think)!


33hp gain at the wheels and 37 ft lbs of torgue gain? Wow, sounds like after exhaust, w/m kit is next...





Quoted from Scrming's post in the link above:


BLUE - Stock Tune

RED - Livernois Stage 4+ Tune

GREEN - Livernois Stage 4+ plus Methanol Tune



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