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New (used) SHO owner from PA


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In an official capacity, WELCOME :welcome:


Enjoy what will certainly develop into your new EcoBoost home!


Great members here, along with great supporting vendors.


Glad to have you here and we look forward to your involvement and contributions.


Great looking EcoBeast!


Mike :wave:


P.S. Please consider becoming a supporting member :thumb:

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Again welcome, my father was originally from Leigonier well actually closer to New Florence, so I am familiar with your area. I bet it was a sweet drive up the turnpike. Does your car have the Adaptive Cruise Control? I know it took a few times using it to get the feel of how it worked.

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Very familiar with the Ligonier area, we have season passes to Idlewild! LOL

The adaptive speed control is awesome.


Wow, talk about small world, my father worked at Idlewild after WWII, then got me a job there while I was in college, but I couldn't take it, I had to spend summer at Fort Bragg that year...for my summer encampment during college.

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I'm from Johnstown. I bought the car from a dealership in Delaware and met them in Harrisburg to pick it up. Needless to say it was a sweet ride up the turnpike. I had to set the cruise control! LOL


Welcome on. Going to love the beast. Small world-I am from Indiana, Pa-bred/born/schooled-HS/College. Have lived in Delaware for past 40+years. Sorry you didn't get all the way to First State. Curious as to dealership-mine was from DE also. Now schedule tune trip-road or cyberway. All good.

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