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No offense was taken, and your apologies are generous, but not necessary.


Please feel free to post the items you have for sale within the Classifieds / For Sale Section, and be sure to recreate your thread on the Front and Rear Oval Emblems.


We want you to do well, just as we would anyone else that has marketable items for the EcoBoost platform.


Plus it's a bonus you're an actual SHO owner to boot.


The problematic posts have been rectified, so it's no longer an issue.


Thanks for your understanding.


Mike :wave:

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Hello Mike,

I am back. Got home last night. They found 1 out of 5 arteries blocked 100%. Had 5 bypass 3 years ago so I have 4 good ones left. Just more meds now. I posted in classifieds about the graphics for the wheel rim center caps and front/rear badges that read SHO and that if both sets are purchased at one time then ECO members will receive a total discount of 20% off at checkout before paying. Thank you for covering for me while I was out. I really appreciate it. Take Care, George

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