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just wanted to post some new pics up and with my SHO on the hood,


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i would love to snip that t-rex thing off but i think i have to go under neath it and raise it cause theres plactic underneath where i think i can snip it or up screw that, but yes i would LOVE to take that off, and the calipers i want to paint or get some new ones that arent gonna cost thousandsssssssssssssssss, cause the brake system is pretty bad on these cars, but when you can cause i know ur super busy sir, give me or know any suggestions guys how to paint it or wahts my options as im not to familar what i can do but id love to have it painted chrome or black (my black metalic car paint) thanks guys, and by the way mike just woke up at 10 to a doorbell ring from fed-ex with my lms package,im so giddy like a lil school girl to do this now, but im clueless what to do and i hope i can hear back from rick cause i wanna do this sooooooooooooo bad now lol,









Is it possible to take the "T-Rex" logo out of, or off of, that front, upper grille?


Only other thing I would suggest is perhaps painting the brake calipers with some of that G2 caliper paint.


But yea, car looks sharp for sure :thumb:

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If you decide to paint your calipers, be sure and use a wire brush or some other method to remove the coating Ford puts on them. I have painted mine a second time after major paint flaking. After using a wire brush wheel on a drill, the second painting effort has worked quite well. Also have Stop Tech pads and Power Slot rotors on front. Stops much better than stock.

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