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I recently purchased my first SHO. A 2013, I wanted to switch out the wheels, so I purchased a set of Boss 340 with 38 offset. Unfortunately when we went to put them on they hit the new larger brake calipers for the 2013. Has anyone else run into this or no the dimensions of the new 20" wheels.

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I just checked both TireRack & Discount Tire websites. Neither list the 2013 SHO yet in their Fitment guides.


From my experience purchasing and fitting wheels to my rides over the years, I would guess you will need wheels with offsets of 32 or less, which moves the wheels outward, and will give you more brake caliper clearance. If the clearance issue on the Boss wheels is minimal rubbing, it is possible to grind down the calipers to get wheels to fit. But, you don't want to be taking off more than a 1/16 th of an inch, and only on the outer part of the caliper.


An example of clearance issues, is my 08'G8 GT. I am running 9.5" 45 offset 19" Beyern wheels on the rear with plenty of clearance. I need to go to 18" for my Drag Radials. The 18" version of this wheel which also is 9.5" & 45 offset, rubs the caliper lightly. So, when I get 2 of these for drag racing, I will have to grind the caliper edge slightly. Cause is the curvature of the spokes. They curve out sooner on the 18".


Another possibility would be to call Discount Tire, TWS Wheels, or TireRack, as they may have determined fitment for some of their wheels for the 2013 SHO, but just not posted it on their website.


Good Luck!

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I finally went and looked at the stock rims, they are 20 x 8 with a 39 offset. EcoBrick it was the same as you, the curvature of the new rims. I went ahead and put a spacer to clear the caliper. I will be using the stock rims for winter. Just waiting till the sales, right now Blizzaks are over $300 a piece. Gotta love living in ND.

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