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Friends collection of awesome Ford cars and a cool story...

Livernois Motorsports

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Yesterday, I got some photos of a friend's collection of awesome Ford cars.. today I went over there and he told me the story behind his 67 GT500.


It's known in the Shelby world as "The Photo Shelby". #231 is an Early Built 1967 Shelby GT500. It is the "Only" known 67 Shelby GT500 that can be verified by a photo of the car actually being built in Shelby's LA, California assembly plant. The photo graces the cover of the SAAC magazine. He has the SAAC magazine, dealer invoice, and wheel invoice. It is an "Original" early Shelby with only 54,000 miles. The "Original" Shelby Vin plate has never been off this car! The car is a time capsule. It was built in January 1967 and shipped new to Eger Ford Motors in Pennsylvania, a franchised Shelby Dealer. Mr. Eger ordered #231 for his personal car and weekend warrior which he kept for many years! Not long after it arrived and upon his request his dealership installed a massive "Lemans" Side-Oiler 427 Engine with 2X4BBl carbs, Lemans Rods, Lemans Crank, Special Intake,etc.. This highly valuable engine is still in this car today.. and also has a top Loader 4 Speed 31 Big Spline Transmission with Detroit Locker Rear End.






Livernois Shelby GT1000R, Ford GT, 67 Shelby GT500, 67 Mustang w/ Livernois longblock, fatman suspension, OEM 2009 Shelby Brakes, HRE's, etc.









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Great Pix. Rick. Where were they shot? Bloomfield Hills golf course home?



I had a new 67' Shelby Mustang GT 500. Lime Green/ beige interior. Mine had the aluminum wheels and the center headlights were on the outside grille corners vs. in the center like this one. Got it at Bill Ball Ford, Miami, FL in Jan 68' as a left-over.

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