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1st Car Show = 1st Award !

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Well fellow EBOF members......


My venture back into the car show circuit is off to a fantastic start!


Yesterday, June 16th, 2012 the SHO Officially popped it's car show cherry and was entered into it's 1st ever event.


The back drop was Toyota Park located in Bridgeview, IL. and was sponsored by Super Media outlet WBBM FM (commonly 'B96') along with Meguiar's, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, Shell V-Power Gasoline, and a slew of other Vendors.


This was considered a major event and hosted close to 400 vehicles ranging from cars, trucks, motorcycles...... all custom, all from varying years.


Our car club (Shockwave Customs, Frankfort, IL.) took home not only the most Trophy's and awards, but we also took home the top trophy for 'Best Club Representation' as we alone had close to 60 vehicle entries alone under the Shockwave banner.


As we arrived at the facility and began setting up, rain clouds lurked in the distance. Now mind you, we haven't had any rain the Chi-Town area for weeks and drought conditions are pretty prevalent. So to even mention the concept of rain had a lot of us on edge.


Especially those who had carpet laid out and on display, in addition to just the fact we all spent literally like 2 days worht of detailing form sun up to sun down.


We monitored the strong thunderstorms and luckily all of them just barely missed us, having all traveled to the North throughout the entire time the show was happening.


Moving along, after the show, car owners were treated to 2 free tickets to attend the 'B96' 2012 Summer Bash where there were like 8 separate performers performing a concert inside the Stadium itself.


Most of us, were so dog tired and sun burnt, and just blah....... we packed up at the end of the car show and left, realizing not only that we still had to unpack all of display materials, but also, we each still wanted to dodge any rain potential knowing the cars were looking their best.





My SHO took home a 2nd place trophy in the category of 'Best Ford' !!!!



The judges were really pleased with the SHO. There are a team of judges that each are tasked with certain criteria to consider when scoring a vehicle. These range from overall appearance/theme, cleanliness, degree of uniqueness, mods (difficulty/one-off), lighting, interior, upholstery, audio, in-car entertainment, etc.


When the judges approached my SHO, I already had people gathered around it, smiling, taking pictures, asking questions etc.


The Judges were listening attentively as I answered the viewer's questions.


I explained why my car was special, and that due to not only it's limited production, they'd be hard pressed to see another SHO, yet alone one that was modded as a good portion of the things I have done are either 'one-off' or I am among the 1st thru 3rd to have completed them.


I then went down the laundry list of things completed thus far. They each were smiling and nodding their heads in approval. It was cool to see their reactions.


They then moved along to the next vehicle in my row and continued along. What caught me by surprise though, is that about 45min later, 2 of the judges came back a 2nd time (and I had another group of people gather around, smiling, looking, asking me questions, etc) and were conversing amongst themselves and smiling again while making notations on their sheets / score cards.


Hours later, when the awards were rattled off on the main stage....... I was called for the 2nd Place trophy in the category of 'Best Ford'!


I was elated and surprised. I happily went on stage and gathered up my winnings and was beaming ever since.


I'll add the competition was pretty tough, and out of the almost 400 vehicles there..... I would say I saw a good 2 dozen or more that were Ford products. All tricked out to varying degrees, etc.


Most were Mustangs, and those owners were NOT all too happy to have walked away empty handed I'll add.


Our car club's owner congratulated me as well and said in a re-affirming voice "Glad to have you back Mike".


Then he went onto say.... now we just gotta hook you up with some audio, lighitng, and interior and you'll be winning those 1st Place and Best of Show awards like you were routinely with your old Charger". I laughed and replied "yea, my wife will love that".




Finally here's a bunch of pics I took with both my phone, and my camera. Enjoy! :thumb:


























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An F150 (non-EB) took the prize for 1st Place Ford.


He was also in our car club..... but he had a crap load of work done.


Much, MUCH more than me.... but he admitted afterwards, that I had him a lil worried.


But umm yea, he had interior, custom upholstery, and he won the audio competition as well.


His entire set up was insane!


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I also agree with you Chris..... the exposure is great for our platform of cars.


You wouldn't believe how many people were like "That's a Taurus?" Or "Look at that... a Taurus SHO" or "I never would've thought you can do all of that to a Taurus" or "That's a bad ass SHO, never saw one like that before, nice..... really really nice".


So yea, the exposure (besides winning the trophy's) is one of my goals for this car.


I think i'm off to a great start if I may say so myself :thumb:

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Well done!


Thank you. It was a lot work detailing from top to bottom, front to rear, for almost 3 days straight.


As it was a lot of work loading up, unloading once at the show, & set'n everything out.....


But all well worth it when one gets to take home some cool hardware :thumb:


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Thanks for the continued compliments.... they truly are much appreciated.


I was able to track down a copy of the judges scoring card / sheet (blank ofcourse) which is the attachment in this post.


I thought for some of you considering doing any shows in the future, that y'all might be interested in some of the criteria that is considered and/or reviewed when a vehicle is "judged".


Enjoy :thumb:

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