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Key fob programming and multiple vehicles

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Another thread regarding 4 programmed fobs that quit working go my mind thinking. My wife's 2010 MKT has nearly identical fobs to my 2011 SHO. I haven't compared FCC numbers to determine if they are likely the same frequency and coding. Assuming they are, does anyone know of anything that would prevent me from programming her fobs to work my car and my fobs to work her MKT? We don't usually lock out cars at home in the garage, but it would be kind of nice to be able to just hop in her car and go, or use my fob to unlock her car when we are at the park, etc. I do have fobs programmed to driver memory positions, but as long as I did not associate the "other" fob with a particular memory position, using my key to unlock her car shouldn't change the seating position on her, etc.


As far as I know the fob is kind of dumb, the programming is all captured by the module in the car, so I don't think the fobs would know/care if they were programmed to more than one vehicle. Has anyone tried this, or does anyone know of a reason it won't work?



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