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Today I installed my thermostat I ordered from torrie, and I want to shed some light on this over looked mod. Ok first off its very simple mod, and if pinch of the radiator hose and have everything ready to go when installing you will loose very little coolant. So now your thinking why in the heck would I pay 10x more for just a thermostat? What can it do for my performance? Well my friends it does help, I was very surprised to see my boost gauge hitting 15psi when normally only hits 12psi. Now I am no expert and maybe Torrie can shed some more light on the subject also. But engine temp effects many things like timing, and with our cars it may even have something to do with boost also. Like I said I am no expert, but I suspect I am not way off base. Since the ECU can control the boost, it reasonable to believe it can limit boost due temperature. Any how I am very happy with the results, will see at strip thursday night if I can set a new all time low for myself.


Thanks Torrie!

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