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New best with exhaust, 84'


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Barley got my exhaust on before I went tonight. Ran a best of 13.337 at 103.99, temp was only a few degrees cooler then my 13.50 so the exhaust must have helped. I still have an issue with it thought. It looks like the Corsa gets rid of that 3rd cat were the Magnaflow leaves it. I may have a local exhaust guy look at getting rid of it.


I also have springs but didnt try to get them on for tonight. I will hopefully get them on in the coming weeks and improve this time. Many of you guys are running 12's with my mod set plus springs, so hopefully with some good air I will see 12's also!



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So you have the magnaflow kit and had an exhaust shop delete the midcat and 3rd muffler? I have the magnaflow system and would like to know more about that. I ran a best of 13.0 but feel my exhaust I holding me back from 12s. Also' date=' did it make the exhaust tone louder?[/quote']


What is your mod list? I have the Livernios tune, Airaid, and now the Magnaflow. I would love a 13 flat with my current mods.


I installed the Magnaflow intermediate muffler and bolted it up to the 3rd cat per instructions. We have a local guy that owns a Meineke that also races and does tons of custom exhaust work. I am considering taking it to him to see if he can make a straight through pipe for that 3rd cat.


The tone is louder at low RPMs and acceleration otherwise you can hardly tell. On the interstate at 70 MPH I cant even really hear it all.

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