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Magnaflow Exhaust clip

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When searching for exhausts all of the sounds clips I found were either Corsa or Dynomax. I made a Magnaflow clip in case anybody wants to hear it. It is louder at lower RPMS, and during acceleration, however at constant RPMs on the interstate you can barely hear it.


I went with Magnaflow because of cost. I like it a lot, only issue I have is it leaves that 3rd cat in place were the Corsa eliminates it.



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$1024 from Bandit.

Paul, what did you pay for shipping?


I paid 789.99 shipped from a place in California. Actually found it for 765 shipped from a place in Canada but I knew it wouldnt arrive for my next track session so I paid a little more to get it right away.





Not too shabby, a tad bit on the quiet side still for my tastes, by a slight improvement in sound quality over the OEM setup.


I think getting rid of that 3rd cat will make it sound meaner. I looked at the NESHO pipe but think I will just have a local guy I know make something. This idea is for down the road though, I need to get those springs installed next!

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I got the Magnaflow setup for something like $650-675 shipped, cannot remember who it was. My brother told me to go to some website and put the part number in. No description, but it was the right kit. I too plan to remove the 3rd cat eventually, and will want to do some high flow downpipes as well which should help get me into the Mid-12's.


Anyway, I love it, as this is my daily driver and will be the family car, so I needed something that would not drone like most aftermarket exhausts. 3rd cat's gotta go though.

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Actually just today I had my 3rd cat replaced by a local place that does a lot of performance car work. I bought the basic 2.5 X pipe that looks like the Magnaflow but is generic on E-bay for $40. They guy charged me $60 for the install, I am pretty happy with it.


Even without the cat it is not loud at all on the interstate or at constant speed. Low RPM and accelerating you can hear it but it still isnt all that loud with the cat replaced.

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