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Average age of SHO owners


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Alright ladies, i want to know how old you people are.


Im 25 and love hearing from friends (my age and younger) that this car is for old people, until I drive the shit out of it and they are not saying stupid stuff anymore about the car.


As for the rest of you, I'd really like to see the average age of the 4th gen owners.

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Born in 1947, just like my other car (Cadillac Series 62 with 16,000 miles. I've got a few more than that).


65 years young. :RpS_thumbup:




Wow! You could be like driving Double C & Showgun around similar to "Driving Ms. Daisy".




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First if you ask the guys at Taurus Car Club of America they will say it is a Gen 6 Taurus, and that SHO is only a sub-group of that generation, so technically I would have to say they are correct, but not really wanting to start a disagreement, the car is really the 4th generation of the SHO.:focus:


I am 60 years old, and to steal a line: "I'm growing older but not up!"

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