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SHO photo shoot from Livernois Track Rental - Thanks Crash712us!

Livernois Motorsports

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I figured these deserved a thread of their own


It was great to get together with all of you yesterday. The temperature was not ideal for running stellar ET's, but it was fun.


Crash712us staged these photos. I wish it wasn't getting dark, because the photos are a bit grainy, but very cool nonetheless.








From left to right Steve's (not a member of the site) 2010 SHO - Livernois Stage 4+ Tune, Airaid CAI, Our black 2013 SHO, Twnscrw13's black 2013 SHO, BPD1151's white 2010 SHO, Steve142857's black 2010 SHO, Crash712us's black 2010 SHO, Darreli's silver 2010 SHO





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great pics, nice cars! i wish i could of joined and been part of it, i hope to know when the next somwhat close meet up will be, if its a large car show or meet up or even amonst us on this forum id love to meet up and talk share and have a drink or 2 or............. lol and bbq with all of us, let me know if something or post if something is in the works, thanks,

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Well now just wait one minute there lil Ricky......


I'll have you know that I "staged" the pics (and was getting made fun of for doing so) but looky looky here..... now we all have some great memories of a very cool event!


Chris was my go to photog guy and he did a great job! Thanks for posting!


Hopefully, a few of those will make it somewhere in a media layout of one of FMC's Official print media.....


Anyhow, here's my contributions to the photo thread with the sh!tty lil digi-cam I have.....





Me, "chatting" with one of MI's Finest while enroute to crash712us's house.....







A lil quality, pre-event detailing time at crash712us's place:











Guys arriving at Milan (as I pronounce it.... "Mill-On"):















A lil hang'n around, quality bull sh!t'n time in between track runs and letting our cars cool down:











And finally, perhaps a re-post in some sense, but the images I took of us all lined up at the end of the day, after the track shut down:









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How did I miss this thread? Just seeing for first time tonight. Any how, Rick it was my pleasure being able to pop off a few pic's of the event. Perhaps if I used my camera more these pic's would have turn out better, unfortunately low light in digital photography translates into noise or graininess. I know there is a setting for low light. Oh well there will be better photo's in October. Practice makes perfect.

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unfortunately low light in digital photography translates into noise or graininess. .


unless you have spent obscene amounts of money... (can I get a facepalm please! LOL!) Didn't think to bring my still camera down... Think i would have melted lugging it around though!

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