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WOW! What A Storm!


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Figures..... the next day I come home from Michigan, after having attended Livernois Motorsports Customer Appreciation Day, the weather takes a complete 180 and then turns downright destructive afterwards here in the Chi-Town area.


Mother Nature's fury was unfurled onto my hometown, and was considered the epicenter of the damage that the entire SouthWest Suburbs of Chicago received Friday night.


We did fair slightly better than most of our neighbor's, escaping with minimal damage to our kids portable baskteball hoop (which was launched into the street, and landed 3 houses away) and then our entire bbq grill took flight and literally landed upside down and inside of our emergency escape basement window well.


Most of my neighbor's had downed trees, downed fences, damaged cars, etc.


Our subdivision was "lucky" in the aspect that our power came back on approximately 7hours after having been lost to the storm.


I discovered my battery back-up sump pump needs a new battery (as it is six years old) but luckily it still held in there and did it's job, albeit at a slower pace.


Driving around town was a chore today as many roads were obstructed due to downed trees. The grade schools nearby incurred massive roof damage and the large AC units on top of each building looked like they were tossed around like they were nothing for the winds that swept it from it's mounts.


Most businesses were closed due to lack of power, as were gas stations, grocery stores etc.


Man, I tell ya, I prayed for rain as we haven't had any in weeks and June went down as the 5th dryest ever in history and the drought continues......


I'm just glad no one was hurt, and I'm even more happy that I made it home in time (and was able to park the car inside the garage) before they hit our area.


Here's a story that was broadcast on tonight's ABC7 Chicago 10PM News Broadcast:



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2 days later...... several residents in my community are still without power.


Clean up continues as reporters interview more people, and business owners, and electrical repair professionals that described my hometown as a "war zone"......


From this morning's 6am Sunday news broadcast ----->



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Thanks guys... it was just crazy to come home to after having such a great time out at the Milan Dragway, and knowing that preceeding this event, we've had no storms whatsoever for like weeks on end.


Crazy stuff.


But I am reminded how blessed I, and my fellow residents are when I look at all the fires out in Colorado, or all the terrential rains in Florida.


Yikes. Could've been worse I suppose, but still, Mother Nature's fury is something to be left in awe of that's for sure.

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Sorry to hear that. We got hit really hard here in northern Virginia also. I haven't had power since 10pm on Friday. I have been camping out in the SHO just to charge my phone and to cool off. It's rediculous. No ice within a 30 mile radius and all the food in the fridge went bad. Shit sucks!

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Guess were not done yet.......


Just got done resecuring loose items in the yard, and around the house (this is getting silly)...... :doh:



Round 3's on it's way right now and looks like we're right in the center of the bullseye yet again.... *sigh*



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We had a nasty nasty storm blow through here Friday night as well. Across the WV/MD/VA/DC area, several people dead, countless damage to businesses and trees, and as of Saturday morning, there was about 1.3 million people without power. Still thousands and thousands without power, and they're saying maybe up to a week for some residents before it's restored.

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