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Any experience with "spare tire pump"

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Short story - happened to be by a gas station, so did not have to use the spare pump. Had a decent size nail hole in the tire, so air was coming out as fast as was being pumped in. Luckily the gas station had a tire repair kit; you know the ones that have the "tar" worm gummy that is poked into the tire then pulled out.


Thus I was wondering if the pump in the trunk would have worked in this situation; I'm thinking odds are it would not have. Has anyone had experience with this pump?


These cars really should have an actual spare tire; meaning at least a doughnut.

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Had to use it 2 mounth after getting the car (hurt my heart) not even 1k mi on the car. BUT I put the white slime(not green) that come with the pump and it hit 35psi in less than 3 min. And I had a 1/2 in bolt in the tire got to work and 1/2 the way home that night after work About 50 mi total. Replacing the white slime was a problen becauce nobody had use it here in ATLANTA at the time. but the pump is the best 12v pump I've ever seeing.!

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ALL Pontiac G8 GT's came with those pumps. Friend if FL had his sitting in his passenger seat, when it started to work... Sprayed that tire sealant all over his interior... Hours later, he got it respectably clean.


But... I made $20. quick cash selling him mine.


At least the G8's have a full sized tire well, so I have a full sized spare. Reasoning behind no spare and the pump... Weight savings. Pontiac kept the curb weight of the G8 below 4,000 lbs. Tire would have put it over that.

With SHO... it also saves weight, but Ford likely doesn't want you running around with a Donut on one of your corners with the Max performance summer tires on PP.

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Well they all have 20" rims' date=' but I dont have this pump. I am guessing PP is performance package? Don't have that, so maybe thats it.[/quote']


You are correct, PP is performance package and the pump and no spare is a feature of the performance package.

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