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Picked up a new 12 over the weeked


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Long time car guy almost always been fords but now that I've moved up north I wanted an awd car and after going back n forth between a SHO and STI I just could not bring myself to buy something other then a ford. I flew in to Cincy to buy this thing from my buddy Terry Reeves at Beech Mont Ford there and drove it back here to PA. This thing is a hoot but I gotta turn it up some some lol.

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Well there Mike...... in an official capacity, welcome aboard :welcome:


Glad to hear you picked yourself up a '12..... great choice :thumb:


You've come to the right place as far as looking to gain more power out of your SHO!


We have a wealth of knowledgeable, and helpful members, and also have a handful of great forums supporting vendors, who are committed to the entire EcoBoost platform!


They each produce some great after market product(s) for our line of cars.


Pics or your whip when time permits as we all kind of like that stuff here.....


Please also consider becoming a supporting member, as the $10 annual donation is used primarily to help offset the costs involved in maintaining SPAM security measures.


Thanks once again for signing up, and we all collectively look forward to your contributions.


Your fellow......


Mike :yo:

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Thanks Mike. I got one pic Terry snapped when we finally got done with the paper work Sat morning, we did party out a lil Friday night so thats prolly why I dont look so excited not to mention it was already about 100. But a ride to the dealership in his 11 GT that makes bout 1k on E85 made the day start out better lol .


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Thanks again for the welcomes. I dont think I have ever owned any thing rather it even be a lawnmower that has been stock for long lol so it wont be too much longer till I get a few parts rolling in. I guess a filter kit will be first then a tune and cat back.


Double C I drive up and down 28 30 miles each way every day ( literally since I work 6-7 days ) from Kittanning to Cheswick since its early morning when I go in I do let her stretch her legs some :D . I just moved up here in sep of last year so it wont be much longer till I find out how to get to PRP to see what this fat lady will do stock. Its kinda funny to see you are a former chem. teacher when I have a buddy in Sarver who is a retired chem. engineer from gulf lab. Hopefully we can find another place to live so I have room to bring my mustang up and have room to work on the sho and my 250.

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Thanks Rick, I have known Beef and most of the old dead pedal / SBZ crew thanks to the late" vinny 5oh". After seeing Beef run12s at BG with just Ken messing with the tune I knew I'd own one . Kinda like when Chris Darrick came to my local track back in the late90s with his old black gt that was turbod I knew I hada stop ripping efi off and figure it out .


I do want to see bout getting some tunes from you Rick also need some for my250 since I got screwed by liberator performance and never got the tunes I paid for .

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