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Any other graphs/ different combos?

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I have been looking around but havent found many dyno graphs, does anybody have a graph or numbers they havent posted?


I know these engines vary a little but I am still curious to see different combos and set ups. Example would be most of us run Airaid who I believe claims 9HP, Hennessey claims 26, and that new K&N is 15 I think? Does that 3rd cat the Magnaflow exhaust leaves really make a difference? A Magnaflow vs Corsa dyno would tell. Even what the temp was during your run as these cars seem to really pick up at the track in good air.


100% meth vs mixed? and now that I think about that one I think EBB is mixed when Scrming is 100%.


Just curious to see some more numbers/trends with what mods.

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Couple of comments...


Yes, I'm running 100% methanol. Livernois, along with my other favorite tuner will not tune anything but 100% methanol.


You probably won't find a lot of dynos, due to the fact that you have to find an AWD dyno, and they seem to be fairly expensive to have done compared to a 2WD dyno... Looks like its a huge PITA to set a AWD up for a car!


I really don't trust INTAKE DYNOS! Did lot of testing of a CAI on my Camaro... Turned out that the only gains we could get on the dyno with the CAI was when the hood was OPEN! As soon as we closed the hood the gains evaporated! And if you watch most vendors dyno videos, they dyno with the hood open, which of course does not simulate real world conditions!


If AWD dyno time wasn't so darn expensive I would probably be willing to try more things... on previous cars I did a ton of dyno work... testing ever little mod! LOL! But simply not going to happen with the Flex! Besides... I'm done modding! ;)

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All the dynos don't show the same numbers under same conditions. What is important to compare gains after a mod is when it is done under same circumptances and using the same dyno. When I was in Detroit, my car was dynoed roughly at 380whp and 400tq. I had calculated that the drivetrain loss for our cars is 21.4%, so that would give 483hp and 509tq. Rick from Livernois told me that my car was shy 7hp from Darrell's car, but it was a 100F degrees when dynoed, which was way warmer than when Darrell had his car dynoed and just that difference of temperature was more than enough to compensate for those 7hp. I had my car dynoed here in Montreal on a different AWD dyno (the one that removes the 4 wheels and plug the machine directly in the place of the wheels. I will try to find back that dyno sheet, but I remember that at that time, the stage 2-3 and 4 all had 10hp difference between them... After, there was the stage 4+ that I never had the opportunity to have dynoed at the same place and then I had exhaust and meth installed, so I can't compare anymore. If my memory is good, I was dynoed when completely stock at 287whp (tq.?) and now, on a different dyno and with weather being very hot at nearly 100hp more... Gotta love these ecoboost engines as they are very receptive to mods at an affordable price.

I don't have dyno comparison for airaid and exhaust, but I believe that the airaid is very marginal addition in power (less than 5hp... including Hennessey's col air intake). But I believe that the elimination of the third cat adds power. I have seen it at the track and also when I compare my times with others having same mods but no x-pipe instead of third cat. My times are about 0.1 faster with the exhaust alone.

The airaid helps to hear the air intake, maybe with exhaust and tune it can contribute, but I have no fact numbers to support that.

Finally, Livernois only tunes, like Scrming says, 100% methanol. I believe that even if the water has a cooling effects by absorbing the heat, the methanol itself is also pretty cold. So, the bet is that methanol being highly combustible brings more power than the advantages that water can bring (after all, racing cars run 100% methanol... instead of gas because it offers more power).


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Thanks Steve that was good info. Yeah I assumed that because the Henessey system and K&N's actually replaced some piping you would see additional gains. Your numbers however are with the Airaid and are solid!


I know the results vary but I started typing results into excel. Results, mods, temp (if I have it). I am a numbers/reference/graph type guy so that kind of thing interests me. When I did my coyote swap I had every part, cost, projected purchase date, projected install date, projected re-sale of part taking off, etc. in excel :)


Know what your saying Scrming. I am central IL would need to go up to Chicago for a dyno. I thought about it but it would be kinda a waste if I am going to go methonal and have Livernois dyno tune it in the spring.

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