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I was ordering front brake pads...and noticed I ordered rear Hawk HPS pads by accident but searched on Hawk's website and they don't make HPS for the front? So I ordered EBC Green stuff...Does this sound right? Was there a better pad I could have gone with? :confused:

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Not sure that I can comment about the Hawk pads, since I've never used them, however I have used EBC's pads and their rotors and was very impressed with both, when I put new brakes on my car they will be EBC pads and rotors because of the good experience I've had with them in the past. I have also had Powerslot rotors and found their quality to be lacking, the rotors didn't last and I thought they were not worth the cost, I would not use them again.

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Liking my EBC red stuff and ultimate rotors now. Where a bit noisy the first couple thousand miles. Now much better.


Yeah was going red stuff but since I bought an intake lol and the stock rotors are fine won't swap them out just yet...maybe when the rears go I will do them all


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