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How to spend 1K$ in 15 minutes?


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I just ordered 2 Go Pro Hero 2 Motorsports Edition 11M with two memory cards. We all agree that Scrming John has awesome videos and I want to be able to do the same, I just love it too much! Thanks again for the inspiration John...

Also, I ordered from our sponsor Torrie at Unleashed the 2013 retro aux trans cooler and the T170F. So, those will be installed at the Ford dealer directly with a contact that I have that will do the job at the dealer but they will reduce the rate for labor. With Mike's how-to, I am confident that both will be installed within 2 hours.

So, the car should be top notch in about 2-3 weeks, because not only do I need to wait for shipment, but the guy in question is in vacation.

Once done, I am looking forward to seeing the results on the cooling abailities of the setup as positively described by our friend Mike.


Cheers all and soon, you should see some cool videos of my SHO racing other cool cars... stay tuned!



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