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Performance with Stage 3 and question about MyCal

Imminent Rueage

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I am no expert on but when creating calculator you name it something such as "boost" Now when setting up gauge you need to select boost from the menu, by your left and right arrow til you find the menu you set the calculator on. Hopefully this makes since and helps you. I wish I had a better understand of the MyCal to better explain or create video how to's as there are others who have asked for my help. There just a lot of steps to configure these calculators.

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man...I can not get the boost gauge to work on this thing. I tried it when I first got it and was unsucessful. I just tried it again and nothing. I followed these steps to a tee and nothing. odd...


Boost on the MYCAL may be easy for a few but for the most of us it's tough. I know I struggled. For me each time I tried I came away with a little more knowledge or comfort. After many such attempts I finally got a functioning BOST gauge. It certainly is not intuitive. I would advise to keep plugging away and take it as a challenge.

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