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Exhaust question

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I have a pair of Magnaflows that were installed by a local muffler shop, using the stock tips.


A year later, Kirk at NESHO sent me the x-pipe mid-pipe with extra flanges so this same muffler shop could install it with the option of removing and re-inserting the stock mid-pipe simply as a bolt in.


The mid-pipe fits both the SHO and the Flex/MKT, as the exhaust is the same until you get to the rear axle.


The front comes with flanges, to bolt in. the back can either be welded in, or modified to bolt in as I have had done.


It definitely has more growl... but I have no sound clips. Based on logging and e-mail tuning with Torrie @ Unleashed Tuning, it appears that my usable boost levels (3 Bar tunes) has gone up. This was a pleasant surprise, as most aftermarket exhausts seem to be mostly "Noise Fluff"! I am also having issues with front traction at the strip, which is why I am shortly going to be testing Drag Radials on the front, for the track.


I don't have a pix of the actual pipe, but when I get back to FL, I can jack up the car and take a pix, and can also get a pix of the stock section with flanges.

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