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Cleaning the intake valves

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Well I think the spray was a fail, i dont think it got much at all in the intake and most likely flowed down the air intake tube. I am not sure if that is going to blow back up or not...


It seemed to spray the middle of the throttle body and was deflected down the tube instead of in the intake...So that was a fail.


I decided to copy a design of a valve and hose setup from SHO Rod's forum, and today I am going to sea foam it through the vacuum port. I did add sea foam to the tank and a smidge to the oil, which I will run for a bit and then change. I'll post some pics of my smoke later on.

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I jus pulled the intake off and manually cleaned followed by walnut blasting then crc gdi cleaner. Came out looking brand new in the ports. Of course you have to roll the engine over to get TDC compression stroke for each cylinder so it’s one at a time and very messy when all said and done but we’ll worth it for the GTDI engines. I was chasing a cold miss fire only on cyl 5 . Now to run a methanol injection kit and never worry about it again lol 

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