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1,045 RWHP Kenne Bell GT800R

Livernois Motorsports

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A few years back, we built a car for a customer which was called the GT800R. The car made 862 RWHP and went 9.70 @ 148 and was very consistent for a manual trans car.


We then built a car which was called GT1000R for another customer that made 1,006 RWHP.


The owner of the GT800R saw this car and decided he needed more, so he sent it back for updates. Here are the results....






Rick LeBlanc

Livernois Motorsports

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Lol! Do I have a reputation for fast stickers? ; )

Honestly, I would be interested in Chrome letters/numbers to replace the SHO on the trunk... Just a decal there doesn't look OEM. And something like SHO600R is a great idea... But in my casr, those numbers would be a bit too streched! If you put numbers on your car, it looks ok if your car can deliver and justify those numbers... So, SHO525R would be mine, but sine I am planning on a few upgrades next summer, I'll leave it for Darrell...

BTW, anyone can PM me how much cost the bigger turbos (with LMS install and without)?


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