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      15 Aug

    I own a 2014 SHO and am very pleased with it, I have aquired a 2011 SHO that may have a engine in it. Water got into the crankcase and think it was because of a bad water pump. I am going to change water pump, tale oil lines off to the turbos and drain all oil and while I change the wate pump plane on putting in a new timing chain. The engine still runs but rough. I have been told that the engine may not be bad, but if it is does anyone have an idea where I could get a good used motor out of...

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Vehicles for Sale Yesterday, 02:59 PM
https://oklahomacity...6312640184.html   my water pump blew, got everything fixed, drove it for a week, then the left turbo broke, so selling it now instead of fixing it
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how much is my car worth for parts alone?

EcoBoost SHO & MKS General Discussion Yesterday, 12:24 PM
looks like I don't have enough money to replace the engine or get a new turbo, so does anyone have any idea how much my car is worth? Basically if u fix the left side turbo, it's good to go it has new plugs, 160 tstat, 3 bar sensor, unleashed tune, brand new tires, brand new complete front brakes...
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need a new engine now, options?

EcoBoost SHO & MKS General Discussion 18 Sep 2017
so it looks like everything is failing on my engine, turbos, heads etc. I need to buy an entirely different engine, used for a relatively cheap price. Any suggestions. I found some on Ebay out of crashed cars, is that my best option? Also will the Lincon MKS one work? Anything I need to know befo...
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New owner and a couple of codes

EcoBoost SHO & MKS Maintenance & Troubleshooting 15 Sep 2017
Hello everyone. New owner to a 2015 taurus SHO PP. So while I was running FORscan to activate the AWD gauge I noticed I have a couple of codes. Can anyone tell me if they're something serious or not. I'm not really familiar with wether or not they are. My check engine light is not on and accordin...
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