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Considering a 2013 MKS EcoBoost

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About 3 years ago I sold my 2011 SHO since in the 5 years I owned it I only put 15k miles on it.  In the time I owned it I think I put more miles on my polishing cloth than I did on the car, and it was tying up valuable garage space.

Well, I've somewhat regretted selling it ever since and just found an excuse to get a daily driver.  I'm considering a 2013 MKS EcoBoost at a local dealer that is asking a good price for a 57k mile car. 

The car has a drop-in K&N filter and slotted and drilled brake rotors so I'm wondering if there's a chance the previous owner was an enthusiast and might be on this forum.  The CarFax shows that the car was most recently in Schaumburg, IL.  It's black with brown leather and seems to be pretty well loaded.

If the previous owner happens to see this post, I'd love to touch base with them to find out if there is anything known to be wrong with the car.


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