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AWESOME OPPORTUNITY for any SHO Owners in the Ocala/Gainsville FL Area

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I have been in contact with Bill Hahn Jr of HAHN Racecraft. His company did all of the Performance work on Rick Bottoms SHOx to include a Stage One Turbo Upgrade and other notable modifications.. His company is welcoming the addition of the EcoBoost Platform to their line.. He is in need of a car for finalization of their designs. Their shop is located in Morriston, FL. He specifically told me, and I quote, " he would make it very worth their effort ". As far as the time period that he needs the car, he tole me this, and I quote again, " We would start at the mild end of the performance upgrade range, and basically go as far as your time available to be without the vehicle would allow, or to the HP level you are comfortable with. Such a process at the mild end would take a week or two, and if we get very serious, a month or two. ".. So Basically, its up to you how long you want to be without your ride vs. how many extra goodies you get!!!! Shoot me a PM if you are SERIOUSLY interested and I will put you in touch with the man himself!!!!


Thanks All!!!!

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This is exciting I like what HAHN has done for the Cobalt SS scene. Hopefully they can put together some nice charge pipes and CAI.


Yes, That would be awesome.. By talking with Bill, they have alot of designs for performance parts, and they just need an EcoBoost for 2-4 weeks to finalize all of their designs!!! Yea, they make very good parts.. I was looking at their BOV's and cold pipes!!! I THINK I even saw where they were doing 3" downpipes for the Cobalts as well... Maybe they will venture into fabricating some of those for the SHO??? :bolt:

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