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Best method?


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If the rain stays away I will be attempting Bradenton drag strip tommorow, but I am curious the best method people use for foot braking the RPM's up for best launch. Last Time gave it maximum hold which was like 2100 ish, but some people are saying 1800 is best?


My 60' last time was 2.17 and 14.06 at 99.29. I now have an exhaust so I hope to grab 13s but we will see.

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Did you go today? How did it go? I try different RPMs but dont get much of a difference. I get her up in the 1800-1900 range and on the last yellow I let it rip!


The exhaust will make a huge difference. Gives just a little power but I think it lets your turbos spool faster. Mine gained me .17 and that was in hotter weather then my previous trip.


Hope you ran your new personal best!

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