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Coastal Lockpick Installed on my Flex

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I personally installed the Coastal Lockpick module which allows the Backup Camera & Navigation Inputs to be on while the car is moving forward. It also allows DVD's to be played on the Nav. screen while moving.


The module is installed behind the Navigation Screen, and is plug and play. All it takes is the proper interior removal tools, and lots of patience in removing the trip pieces around the Radio/Nav system, and carefully removing the Nav screen. I bought the interior trim removal tools (recommend plastic, not metal tools) on Ebay. Also available elsewhere, including Harbor Freight. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes to complete the installation. I was extremely careful. If one took this to a auto stereo installer, they could likely do it in 30-45 minutes.


I purchased this directly from Coastal Lockpick, via their website.

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