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I had Stop Tech front Brake Pads, Akebono Ceramic rear Brake Pads, Power Slot Front Rotors & Centric rear Rotors installed this summer.

The rotors came from TireRack, and the Pads were purchased thru Auto Anything. However, all items are available now at TireRack.


Originally I had purchased EBC Red Pads thru Auto Anything. Unfortunately they were delayed twice and finally cancelled by A.A. as no ship date could be provided.


The install went smoothly. There was definitely much more stopping power, but everything works as well or better than before, with no squealing or other noises. There is definitely more brake dust on the front, and slightly more on the rear. Stock, I had dust on the rear, but none on the front, and definitely had the rears come on slightlly before the fronts, though it wasn't noticeable in stopping.


After around 6-7K, I am very pleased with this mod, and recommend it. The cost was under $650, with parts totaling around $450.

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