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Flex Carriage Works Aluminum Billet Grille Mod

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Almost immediately I replaced the stock Flex grille with one I purchased thru Auto Anything.




The cost of this grille (two orders - top and bottom) is under $350. It is available in Polished, which I have, brushed, and black anodized.

To order this grille you need to specify 2009 year for some reason, but it works in all 2009-2012 Flex vehicles.


The installation of the top piece, requires one to remove the top grille chrome bars, as well as cut away the top grille backing. This opens up the front and allows more air to reach the radiator, as well as the air intake for the Stock or Custom Air Filters, such as AirAid.


The bottom section is held on with toggles. The total installation time was under 2 hours. The small Ford emblem was found and purchased thru Ebay. All other custom Twin Turbo Logos also came from Ebay.

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