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Mid-Atlantic area meet?


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Gauging interest in a meet in the Mid-Atlantic area (VA, MD, WV, PA, DC, etc). We seem to have several members in the area now, be cool to have a mini meet somewhere. Maybe some weekend in January...just to give plenty of notice for planning.


Any ideas for a location? Some place central would be good...I know there's a Dave and Busters in the Bethesda/Rockville area that I've had car meets at before. Good place to eat, plenty of room, racing games, etc.



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boardwalk of nj? idk if thats a joke or not, but that wont be fixed or done for sometime im thinking since its all gone and ruined from the recent superstorm hurricane we had 10 days ago, but im down for a meet especailly closer to east is good as id hate to drive to chi-town or detroit where alot of people have there meets and it be a no show for a 12hour plus ride, id love a meet and would hope we could meet up and make it a 2 day thing which i think is safest and best as im sure most of us would like to have a beer or 2 or 3........ lol, 1st day meet drink eat drink get to know each other and drink,eat,drink, and then day 2 go to a track, keep the ideas,suggestions coming in and lets hope it works out,

p.s. hopefully we can have our cards to pass out before the meet and maybe even have personalized cards for current members with names, just a thought :)




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casper that'd be an awesome idea, but a track day in our areas would have to wait til spring time at least. One of my old clubs does that every summer. "Meet and greet" Friday night, picnic, mini car show, and cruise Saturday, then a private track rental Sunday. Awesome event, but unless you have big attendance numbers, it gets pricey.

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