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Turning off TC and DSC on a 2013 non PP....

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I see a TC On Off setting under the vehicle settings on the left hand menu screen... but I don't see a button of any kind to turn off the curb assist... I'm an adjunct driving instructor at the academy and I want to get this thing sideways...


Any help would be appreciated.



I know the PP has a True Off setting but can this be done retroactively? Through a tune maybe or by the dealer?






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I have the 2013PP and even with it in full track mode when drifting in a large parking lot on snow the vehicle will still shut down the motor with excessive spinning/sliding. There is no wheel braking but the engine will cut out for a second. Not sure if it would be different on pavement as there is less spinning.

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We're there now, and it's only going to get worse. Fifteen years from now we will be plugging in our destination point and be the passenger as the car gets us to there.

Cars are becoming idiot proof... ABS, traction control, adaptive cruise, BLIS, lane departure warning, park assist, etc.

It's refreshing to get in a car without those features and have to moderate the gas and brake to control the car, you have to actually pay attention to what the car is doing and control it yourself. You can't just "mash" the gas pedal in a turn because the rear will come around on you, or nail the brakes on a wet road without the wheels locking up. You have to actually THINK about driving, not just get in and go.

While I agree it is much safer and better for most drivers, it is definitely less fun.

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What!!! pay attention to driving.... When i'm driving, Why? I have hair to do, txt to send and coffee to drink.


In all seriousness, I think all the new safety tech has good intentions but aides in bad driving habits. While i never want to have a self driving car, i'm fine with people who could care less about driving being shuttled around in them and out of my way.

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