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Change of plans... Anyone in Las Vegas this Friday night?

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Instead of going to AZ on the 8th, were going to Vegas tomorrow the 30th. LVMS should see temps in the 50s tomorrow evening. Kinda sucks that the elevation there is 2200 feet, but im sure I will still have a few good runs.. Video will come sometime this next week. If anyone is out in the Vegas area or will head out there tomorrow, let me know! Would love to see another SHO at the track.

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Yea my best time is a 13.100 in fomosa speedway. I didnt end up going to vegas because too many friends fell out. Were trying to get a group of guys together to go out to Irwindale 1/8th mile track. Sadly thats what mostly exists out here near me.


my best 1/8mi 8.10@85.75 mph same run as the 12.669sec run1/4mi.

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So if weather permits.... this thursday my friends and I will be heading to Irwindale speedway. It should be about 50 degrees that night with better than perfect conditions. It will take the tracks elevation of 250ft down to -300ft elevation by DA adjustment. Im hoping for a 8.1 or so but i do need new tires.. Ill keep you guys posted and post the vids i take

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