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Kenne Bell Boost-a-pump in a Flex

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Last spring, I installed a KB Boost-a-pump in my Brick to hopefully increase the amount of fuel available to the Direct Injection Pump.

A Boost-a-pump is actually a transformer that increases the voltage to the stock fuel pump. It can be adjusted from 0-50% increase. Thus when the fuel pump is pumping at a maximum 12 volts, increasing the voltage to up to 18 volts, spins the pump at 150% of original. The cost is under $300. I ended up spending way too much time attempting to wire it up... Bought all Flex manuals including the Electrical diagrams. SO... I CAN HELP...Now know more than I ever wanted about the back 1/2 of Flex!


I don't have pix.... but the KP BAP is installed on the passenger-side above the right rear tire. It is wired into the fuel pump circuit in the "C" pillar next to the passenger second row seat. In a SHO, one wires it into the same circuit in the trunk, next to the passenger side rear wheel well.


I only run the BAP when I'm doing WOT runs and at the Strip. Otherwise, it forces fuel thru the system at a higher rate, which raises the temperature of the fuel, besides causing premature wear on the stock system.


My rudimentary testing seems to show that the DI fuel pressure remains higher by a couple hundred PSI under High Boost WOT runs with the BAP at 50%, compared to NO BAP. This hopefully adds some amount of safety factor to maintaining adequate DI fuel pressures.


Of note... BeefCake's SHO which held the ET record before Darreli, had a Boost-a-pump, among other mods. Came to light when a new owner found it in the trunk...disconnected!

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