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Springs Arrived!

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I dont believe so and I dont believe it would be possible/easier. Loosen your wheel nut. Then take off your ball joint nut (takes some muscle to get started), tie rod nut, and sway bar link. Then take your ABS sensor out and loosen the bolts up top and with a hammer tap your drive shaft back.. With the bolts up top loose I pushed the lower control arm down with my foot so the ball joint stud wasnt through the knuckle.


At that point you take the top nuts off and it basically falls out. The first side is slow but after you figure it out the 2nd side goes fast!

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Edit: I assume you have a 2013 based on your 2013 fender vent.


Big your in luck! On your 2013 they couldn't be easier. As the 2010-12 struts slide into the steering knuckle assembly and require a bit more labor to install. But the 2013 the struts are bolted with 2 bolts to the steering knuckle and these are very easy to remove strut assemblies. So all you need to is remove the 4 nuts from the top of the strut tower, the sway bar end link from strut and the 2 bolts from the steering knuckle and your strut assembly is out.


2013 steering knuckle assembly



2010-12 steering knuckle assembly


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